Photography Tip – 01

Slow down. Think before you shoot. Aim for quality not quantity.

Having started out my career as a photographer with film cameras when on occasions I had to decide rather to buy more film or eat I became very aware of the value of each shot I took. I believe this helped to make me a better photographer.

Digital is great and we can experiment to our hearts content which is a fantastic way to learn but there is more to it then just trying to get lucky.

Try this exercise and let me know if it helps.

Choose something to photograph, it can be anything or anybody but only shoot the one subject. Limit yourself to 36 shots. The same as you would probably have on a roll of film. Afterwards view your images full sized and not just on the camera. Ask yourself if you could of done better and if so how.

This image of my girl friend in the park was taken in 1974 on a 35mm Nikon F2 Photomic camera using Ilford B&W film just as I was starting my career as a professional photographer and it is still one of my all time favourites.